My name is Thomas Dinges and I live in Southern Germany.
I like all kinds of digital media, graphics and music and I play the piano since the age of 9.


Since 2009, I contribute to the Open Source 3D software Blender, writing code in C, C++ and Python and doing various other things for the community:

  • Cycles Render Engine
  • User Interface (2.5x project)
  • Head of the Blender e.V.
  • Blender Podcast
  • Presenting Blender at conferences (e.g. FMX)


I love to play the piano and create new pieces. Here you can find some of them.
You can find my music on Jamendo as well.

Single Pieces

  • Aftermath (November 2015, 4:20min):
  • The Luckiest (October 2015, 3:54min):
  • Dream within a dream (February 2015, 1:28min):
  • Little Flame (December 2014, 2:12min):
  • Thinking Of You (May 2014, 1:09min)

Memories (January 2014)

  • Memories (2:34min)
  • Lucky Mushroom (2:00min):

All pieces are licensed under a Creative Commons License.
If you use one of my tracks, please let me know. I'd love to know, how you use them. Thanks!
Creative Commons License

Contact Me

If you want to contact me, you can send me an E-Mail: mail@[this domain].org.